High precision molds for products that require precision Here is the technology that can be realized with zinc die casting

Our strength

Ultra-precision & low-cost zinc casting technology

HORIO's original technology "HZDC500"

High-spec zinc die casting developed
with support technology

①Significantly shorten development lead time by concurrent engineering!

Start simultaneous development by multiple specialists:Development system for trial production and mass production

Development loss Small

②Optimal mold design proposal using mold shape analysis technology!

First flow of zinc die cast. Solidification analysis simulation system

Prototype loss Small

③High spec casting technology

●No need to deburr
●Cast screws can be made without cutting
●High mold durability
●Latest machine: Wave system inspection machine, manufacturing machine

④Dalian development base for the global market!

Development trial production & low cost mass production and world logistics system base

Prompt response to manufacturing bases spread across Asia

★Uses a zinc alloy ingot imported directly from Japan

Providing the same high quality products as in Japan

Distribution loss Small

Applications of high-strength zinc alloy HZDC500

HZDC500 Target customers

Automotive field

5G communication field

Building materials field

In particular, the connected car is a mechanism for communication to fly, and the ability to cut off other communications is a die-cast case.
Allows containment without gaps

In the smartphone market, there is a track record of casting the charging pad surface,
The plating adhesion is good, so it is predicted that smartphone manufacturing will continue to progress in the future.

It is assumed that building material parts also have a proven track record of casting and that strength is required.
It is estimated that there will be more demand if it clears rust prevention.

Developed with support!

What is the support business?

Support Point Match Navi Tohoku" has been developed by utilizing the "Support Point Business"
A matching site where you can select and access the most suitable technology for solving specific problems of your company from among technologies and products.
This product's high-spec zinc die-cast "HZDC500" is under the guidance of Professor Koichi Ansai, Tohoku University.
Was developed.