High precision molds for products that require precision Here is the technology that can be realized with zinc die casting

Hot chamber die casting machine 5t 8 units
Hot chamber die casting machine 15t 15 units
Hot chamber die casting machine 25t 5 units
Hot chamber die casting machine 40t 1 units

15 machines for finishing inner diameter


Image processing automatic inspection machine

Machining Center My Center Kitamura Machine 1
Machining center Zn Micro 3500 Hihira Toyama 1 unit

Electric discharge machine AQ35L / EPOC3 Sodick 1 each

Equipment name specification maker number of units
manufacturing department
Zinc die casting 5t hot. AK Industries 8units
15t hot. AK Industries 15units
25t hot. AK Industries 2units
25t hot. Hishinuma 3units
40t hot. Hishinuma 1units
Aluminum die cast 85t cold KDK 1units
Shot blast SGK-4LDS-302 Fuji Manufacturing Co. 3units
Hydrocarbon cleaning machine vacuum cleaner aqua chemistry 1units
Three-layer ultrasonic cleaning In-house 2units
Secondary processing machine Inner diameter finishing machine In-house 15units
Threading machine Brother 4units
Dedicated screw cutting machine 3units
Hand tapper Fuji Electric Works Co. 6units
Tapping machine In-house 3units
Drilling machine 2units
Table lathe Kitamura Corporation 3units
Hand Press 3units
Product visual inspection J24 Hasegawa Machinery Co. 1units
Visual inspection machine Visual inspection of important parts of products In-house 4units
Nashiji Blast V-1200 Sunpao 1units
Round vibrating barrel great Tsukishima Machinery 3units
little Tsukishima Machinery 1units
U-shaped vibrating barrel VF-1924D Shinto Blator 1units
Vibration sorter Rail type P-MG 4units
Melting device Electric type AK Industries 1units
Tabletop drilling machine KRTG-480 Kira 1units
distiller DE-41E TOSEI 1units
DE-101E TOSEI 1units
Chiller Unit RKL-7500V-B Orion Machine 1units
Octagonal Turning Barrel P-MG 2units
warm air dryer 120℃ Sasaki Factory 2units
annealing furnace 250℃、SSSF-116 Isuzu 1units
engineering department
projector V-16E Nikon 1units
sawing machine H-250-SA Amada 1units
contour machine VA-400 Amada 1units
Drill polishing machine YG-200F Iida Ironworks 1units
chamfering machine CC02型 JAM 1units
Belt Grinder DRE-034 Denyu 1units
Grinder 9306S Makita 1units
lathe LR55A Washino 1units
Surface grinding machine NFC-516-AD Nikko 1units
Machining Center MYSENTER-3 Kitamura 1units
Zμ3500 Nipira Toyama 1units
Electric discharge machine AQ35L Sodick 1units
EPOC3 Sodick 1units
dust collector EB3700 1units
Production Milling Machine 2MW Hitachi 1units
Vertical Milling Machine KVP Makino 1units
3-D image processing instrument QVE250-PRO Mitsutoyo 1units
Flow analysis adstephen Hitachi 1units 
Quality Control Department
toolmaker's microscope MM-40 Nikon 2units
Material analyzer Spectral AA-55 Agilent 1units
microscope DSZ-44FT carton 10units
magnifying glass SKK-BX10 Otsuka 5units
SKK-BX2 Otsuka 11units
meter FC-500 A&D 5units
roughness tester SJ-401 Mitsutoyo 1units
micrometer 0~25/25~50 Mitsutoyo 55units
nonius 0~150 Mitsutoyo 21units